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At Little Sneakers Childcare children’s happiness and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. With two unique nursery settings you will not find a better place for your baby, toddler and preschool children to flourish. We also have two afterschool clubs for school age children.

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We are a high quality children’s nursery where we believe ‘every child is an individual’. We focus on providing the best possible care and nurturing environment for all the children. We believe that all children have a right to be seen and heard in a fair and inclusive manner. We understand the day-to-day challenges faced by parents to leave their children at nursery and we have used our experiences to ensure our nursery is clean, safe and welcoming.

We have a holistic approach to child development and we seek to simultaneously address the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a child’s life. We appreciate that this is largely dependent on a positive relationship and communication between the nursery staff and parents. Therefore, we endeavour to work in partnership with parents and keep them informed of all aspects of their child’s well-being and progress at nursery. Our managers operate an open door policy and are always happy to talk with parents regarding any issues or concerns.
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Here at Sneakers Childcare’s, we always put the quality of child care first. Please click below to find out more about any of our sites.
Little Sneakers Lodge Park

Little Sneakers at Lodge Park

Located in Redditch, Lodge Park Sneakers is open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
Little Sneakers at Studley

Little Sneakers at Studley

Located on Node Hill, Studley Sneakers is open 7.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
Tenacres After-School Club

Tenacres After-School Club

Located at Tenacres First School, we offer afterschool club care for children at Tenacres and Ipsley Academy

Oak Hill After-School Club

Located at Oak Hill First School, we offer afterschool club care for children at Oak Hill and Woodfield Academy
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Guiding The Young Generation To Success.

Sneakers Childcare provides quality early childhood education. Our primary focus is the wellbeing of every child. We provide our children the attention they need to grow and develop into happy, healthy people and be confident for school.

Valuing Play

Educators of young children believe that play is the most valuable tool for learning. At Little Sneakers, our role is to provide stimulating, playful environments that support children to be creative, inquisitive and engaged learners and our approach therefore is child centred and inquiry based. This active form of learning allows children to be recognised as individuals and their whole development is centred around their experiences of a creative and balanced curriculum.
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