Policies and Procedures

We at Sneakers have an extensive number of policies and procedures in place including: (Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Child Protection, Partnership with Parents, Ilness Procedure, Medication, Additional Needs, and many more..). All policies are available to parents and carers at each Sneakers setting and are shared on joining Sneakers.

  • E01 Equal Opportunities
  • E04 Special education Needs and Disability
  • Health and Safety General Policy
  • HS2 Accident Procedure
  • HS4N Fire Procedure
  • HS5 Medication
  • HS6 No Smoking Policy
  • HS7 Operational Procedures for Outings and Outdoor Play Areas
  • HS8 Emergency Procedures
  • HS9 Healthy Eating
  • HS10 Manual Handling Policy
  • Q1 Safeguarding Children Child Protection – Worcestershire
  • Q1 Safeguarding Children Child Protection- Warwickshire
  • Q3 Key Person System – Nurseries
  • Q3 Key Person System – After School Clubs
  • Q4 Codes of Behaviour – Nurseries
  • Q4 Codes of Behaviour – After School Clubs
  • Q10 Admission of Children – Nurseries
  • Q10 Admission of Children – After School Clubs
  • Q13 Arrival and Departure – After School Clubs
  • Q25 Biting
  • Q31 Whistle Blowing
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